Alright, baby, I hope this should be enough of designing and redesigning of the site... I mean four overhaul design changes in the two months of our existence as a project is surely more than sufficient. Before you go over to the main page, some technical stuff to follow: the site is design for 800x600 screen resolution or more. Another thing, I don't know how the page will behave/look with Netscape-browsers, but given the fact that this would actually require a separate design, I really can't be bothered. However, if you encounter any annoying bugs, dead links, or anything like that, please, report them to me and I'll get to the problem ASAP. And for now that we're clear you can proceed over to the main page by clicking the banner below.

P.S. Ahh, yeah, one more thing - bear it in mind that political correctness is not something a decent Troll can afford, so, please, be advised.

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